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IS video released extending deadline for hostage swap
(Jan 29) The Islamic State group released a message late Wednesday purportedly extending the deadline for Jordan's release of an Iraqi would-be hotel bomber linked to al-Qaida. The recording says the Jordanians must present Sajida al-Rishawi at the Turkish border by sunset Thursday, or Jordanian pilot Mu'as al-Kasaseabeh will be killed. more>>
Israel and Hezbollah echange fire
(Jan 29) Fighting between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has left two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish peacekeeper dead. Hezbollah fired five anti-tank missiles at Israeli military vehicles in the disputed Shebaa Farms area, killing an officer and a soldier. Messages have been sent through the UN mission in southern Lebanon saying it did not want a further escalation. more>>
Nigerian extremists kill and loot at will
(Jan 29) Islamic extremists are rampaging through villages in north-eastern Nigeria, killing, burning and looting with no troops protecting civilians. More than forty people have been killed in seven villages in Adamawa state this week more>>
Harper video takes security forces
(Jan 29) On Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s YouTube channel, a new video has been posted that took a different approach than the usual feel-good recap of the week. The video is a montage of various Harper speeches over the past few months on national security. The prime minister speaks about ISIL’s specific targeting of Canadians and Canada’s resolve to fight terrorist organizations. more>>
Pakistan airstrikes kill 76 militants
(Jan 28) Pakistani military jets struck suspected militant hideouts Tuesday near the Afghan border, killing 76 militants in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan, which has long been a safe haven for local and foreign extremists carrying out attacks on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. more>>
Canadian defence chief meets Kurdish leaders
(Jan 28) Canada’s top military commander met privately this week with Kurdistan government officials in northern Iraq, where he was lobbied for military aid to bolster the fight against Islamic State militants. more>>
DND seeks all-hazards protective suit
(Jan 27) The Department of National Defence wants a contractor to design and develop a hybrid protective suit that would shield wearers against chemical or biological hazards while allowing them to effectively engage and enemy. more>>
CSE spy chief shuffled to Defence
(Jan 27) Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tapped a second spymaster, Communications Security Establishment chief John Forter, to serve as the top bureaucrat at National Defence. more>>
New firefights in Iraq for Canadian forces, militants
(Jan 27) Canadian soldiers have engaged in two more gunfights with Islamic State militants since the military reported the first such clash a week ago. more>>
GOC supports efforts to destigmatize mental health
(Jan 27) The Government of Canada is encouraging Canadians to participate in the Let’s Talk mental health initiative. On Wednesday, January 28, to support mental health initiatives across Canada, Bell will donate five cents for every text, mobile call, and long distance call made by Bell and Bell Aliant customers, and for every tweet using #BellLetsTalk, and every Facebook share of the Let's Talk logo. “Every day, Canadian Armed Forces members are willing to risk their lives in service to our country. Their reputation precedes them: strong, proud, ready. But we cannot forget that their service can come at a cost, both physical and mental," says Defence Minister Rob Nicholson.
Op Caribbe 2015 deployment
(Jan 27) HMCS Winnipeg is patrolling in the Eastern Pacific as part of Operation CARIBBE 2015, Canada’s contribution to the multinational campaign against transnational criminal organizations in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. This deployment marks the beginning of several naval and air deployments under Operation CARIBBE scheduled for 2015 to continue working with Western Hemisphere and European partners to address security challenges in the region to disrupt illicit trafficking operations.
IS claims it executed Japanese hostage
(Jan 26) The Islamic State group has said it executed one of two Japanese hostages it has been holding, in an apparent beheading that has been slammed by leaders around the world. IS has said the other hostage, freelance journalist Kenji Goto’s fate depends on the release of an Iraqi would-be female bomber who is on death row in Jordan. more>>
Australian politician joins Kurds in fight against Isil
(Jan 26) Australian politician Matthew Gardiner, the head of the Labor party in the Northern Territory and a former army soldier, is under investigation after allegedly making contact with Kurdish fighters via social media and travelled 7,000 miles to join forces in the fight against Islamic extremists. more>>
Paper addresses defence procurement difficulties
(Jan 23) The Macdonald-Laurier Institute and the Conference of Defence Associations Institute have released a new research paper titled: “Putting the ‘Armed’ Back Into The Canadian Armed Forces: Improving Defence Procurement in Canada” by David Perry, Senior Security and Defence Analyst with the CDA Institute. more>>
President resigns as rebels tighten hold
(Jan 23) The president of Yemen has resigned along with his prime minister in protest at the takeover of the capital Sanaa by Shia Houthi rebels, creating a dangerous political vacuum. Parliament has reportedly refused to accept the resignations. more>>
Warships to be built over 30 years
(Jan 23) Canada’s new warships will be designed and built over thirty years. The people working on the project will have to anticipate changes in economic conditions, in threats and in technologies available in that period. more>>
Special forces are not limited for Iraq mission
(Jan 23) Senior military officials revealed that Canadian soldiers on the ground have directed thirteen bombing attacks against the Islamic State since November and have neutralized other enemy forces with sniper fire after being shot at. more>>
Shia rebels reach deal to end standoff
(Jan 22) Shia rebels holding Yemen's president captive in his home reached a deal with the U.S.-backed leader Wednesday to end a violent standoff in the capital. The agreement promised to give the rebel Houthi movement more say in the affairs of the Arab world's poorest country in exchange for the group removing its fighters from President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi's home. more>>
Palestinian man stabbed 11 on Tel Aviv bus
(Jan 22) A Palestinian man stabbed 11 people on a Tel Aviv bus during the morning rush hour Wednesday before he was shot by corrections officers and taken into custody, officials said. more>>
Profs question targeting radicalized boasting
(Jan 22) In a newly published paper, two Canadian law professors are cautioning the government against rushing to criminalize the glorification of terrorism - or radicalized boasting - on the Internet, saying it could undermine freedom of expression and put the country on extremely uncertain constitutional terrain. more>>
Rebels storm palace of Yemeni regime
(Jan 21) Shia rebels in Yemen known as Houthis shelled the private residence US-backed President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The violent push by the rebels is seen to be undermining military and intelligence operations against al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula in Yemen. more>>
10,000 flee Boko Haram attacks
(Jan 21) More than 10,000 panicstricken Cameroonians are fleeing border regions with Nigeria's Borno state for safer locations following attacks by Nigeria's Islamic militant group Boko Haram, government officials said Tuesday. more>>
Al-Qaida chief urges attacks on Canada
(Jan 21) Security officials are monitoring the latest terrorist threat made against Canada after a video was distributed online. Senior Al Qaeda official Nasser bin Ali al-Ansi, who last week claimed responsibility for the shooting attack at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, turned his sights on Canada in an attempt to provoke “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in the country. more>>
Definition of ’combat’ comes under fire
The federal governments definition of combat is misleading to Canadians according to Canadian special forces soldiers. more>>
French & Polish soldiers join Canadians for winter combat training
(Jan 20) Approximately 2,800 soldiers from the Canadian Army, most of them from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 CMBG), will take part in winter combat operations training at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier and in Quebec City and surrounding region from January 19 to 27. This year a platoon from the 4e Régiment de Chasseurs from France and 20 members of the Polish Army’s 6th Airborne Brigade will also participate.
Canada commits military gear to Iraqi Security Forces
(Jan 20) Today, the Minister of National Defence announced Canada’s intention to donate non-lethal military gear to expand the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces. The announcement was made in advance of a January 22nd meeting Minister Nicholson will attend in London, UK, with 23 delegations from various countries and organizations to discuss efforts made by the global coalition to combat the so-called Islamic State.
Canadian and Lithuanian Ministers of Defence meet in Ottawa
(Jan 20) Rob Nicholson, Canada's Minister of National Defence met with Lithuanian Minister of National Defence, Juozas Olekas, in Ottawa today. Joined by many senior Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Officials, the two Ministers addressed a number of common defence and security issues, including Russia's ongoing aggression and interference in Ukraine, coalition efforts against ISIL, and the outcomes of last fall's NATO Summit in Wales. “Canada remains strongly committed to supporting the ongoing efforts to bring peace and stability to Central and Eastern Europe,” noted Nicholson.
ISIS terrorists retaliate against Japan
(Jan 20) ISIS militants released a video purporting to show two Japanese hostages, and demanded a $200-million ransom to be paid within 72 hours. This is in apparent retaliation for tat amount of aid announced to countries fighting ISIS. more>>
Shots fired at U.S. embassy vehicle in Yemen
(Jan 20) Unknown assailants fired shots at a U.S. Embassy vehicle at a checkpoint near the facility in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, on Monday night. The shooters fired first into the air, and then turned the guns on the vehicle, which contained U.S. diplomatic personnel, the embassy said. more>>
Ceasefire reached in Yemen
(Jan 20) Government forces and rebels in Yemen agreed to a ceasefire Monday after heavy fighting in the capital, Sanaa, Yemen's interior minister and a rebel official said although many believe the ceasefire will not hold. more>>
Baird says Palestinians made a huge mistake
(Jan 20) Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird reaffirmed Canada's opposition Monday to a Palestinian attempt to pursue war crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court. more>>
Canada special forces clash with IS in Iraq
(Jan 20) Canadian special forces exchanged gunfire after a Canadian training detail was fired upon by Islamic State fighters in Iraq. This is the first confirmed ground battle between Western troops and IS, a senior officer said Monday. more>>
Two RCMP officers shot in Alberta casino
(Jan 19) Two RCMP officers were shot after a routine investigation into a stolen vehicle that led to the Apex Casino St. Albert, Alberta. One officer was wounded but now out of hospital, the other has died after being shot in the head at close range. The suspect, Shawn Maxwell Rehn, was later found dead inside a private residence. An autopsy will be preformed to determine the cause of death. more>>
Hindu-Muslim clash kills four
(Jan 19) At least four Muslim villagers were killed, three of them burned to death, when their thatched huts were set on fire during a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in eastern India, a government official said. Fourteen people were arrested with charged of arson and murder. more>>
HMCS Toronto returns home
(Jan 19) A Canadian frigate returned home to Halifax on Sunday after a six-month deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. more>>
Conference of Defence Associations
(Jan 19) FrontLine takes a look at the strategic landscape of defence and security as the Conference of Defence Associations prepares the final details for its annual Security and Defence Conference on 19-20 February. As expected, the list of speakers, moderators, and attendees at the 2015 event reads like a "Who's Who" of the defence community. more>>
Contract signed for Harry DeWolf Class AOPS
(Jan 16) The federal government announced today that it has signed a $3.5-billion build contract with Irving Shipbuilding for six Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS). The announcement was made in Ottawa by senior government officials at a briefing with Irving President, Kevin McCoy. The original AOPS budget in 2007 was $3.1 billion, but an official said subsequent negotiations led to the inclusion of an “appropriate contingency” to cover potential fluctuations in exchange rates, inflation and labour costs. The official also said that a negotiated "incentivized fee structure” encourages Irving to contain costs, and McCoy confirmed that Irving would be driving those down through its supplier chain. Each AOPS will be built in 62 blocks which will be consolidated into three “megablocks” for final assembly. Construction is to due to start this summer, with the first ship expected in 2018 and the rest to follow at roughly 9-month intervals.
HMCS Toronto returns to port of Halifax on Sunday
On 18 January, HMCS Toronto will be returning after a 6-month deployment on Operation REASSURANCE in support of security and international cooperation efforts in the central and eastern European region. Toronto left the port of Halifax in July 2014 to join Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 in the Mediterranean Sea.
Belgian anti-terror raid in Verviers leaves two dead
(Jan 16) Two suspected jihadists have been killed in an anti-terror operation in eastern Belgium with a third person arrested in the raid in Verviers. Weapons are reported to have been recovered. more>>
Iraqis want Canada, allies to increase raids on ISIL
(Jan 16) ISIL has gone on the attack again in three different locations in the country over the last several days. The Iraqi government wants the U.S., Canada and other coalition countries involved in the campaign against Islamic State forces to step up their bombing. more>>
Boko Haram takes more land
(Jan 15) After a massive attack on the northeastern town of Baga, Nigeria, last week that left thousands of civilians dead, Boko Haram, one of the world's most violent Islamic extremist groups, now dominates most of the country's northeast area. And with control of two key border crossings, the group appears on the verge of international expansion. more>>
A Jihadi’s short life
(Jan 15) John Maguire, a former Ottawa resident who called for attacks in Canada in an ISIL propaganda video was reported to have been killed in Syria just a month after posting the video. more>>
Navy saving money by not using frigates’ equipment
(Jan 14) A lack of funding has forced Canada’s navy to send its frigates out on international missions with instructions to crews not to use some of the ships’ sophisticated sensors in order to cut back on maintenance bills. more>>
Horrors in Nigeria
(Jan 13) Children in Nigeria have reportedly been sent into crowded markets with bombs strapped to their bodies. An attack of gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades in and around the border town of Baga left hundreds dead. more>>
ISIL active in south Afghanistan
(Jan 13) Afghan officials confirmed for the first time Monday that ISIS is active in the south, recruiting fighters, flying black flags and, according to some sources, even battling Taliban militants. more>>
Police fear six Islamic terror cells are still on the loose in France
(Jan 13) Police fear six Islamic terror cells could still be on the loose in France following last week's terror attacks which left 17 people dead. Up to 10,000 soldiers are now on the streets of Paris with 5,000 police officers protecting Jewish schools. more>>
Third Ottawa man charged with plotting terrorism
(Jan 13) Suliman Mohamed, a 21-year-old from Ottawa, has been accused by RCMP of conspiring to participate in a terrorist activity with twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond who were arrested on Friday. Mohamed was arrested Monday and charged with one count of participation in the activity of a terrorist group and one count of conspiracy to participate in a terrorist activity. more>>
RCMP arrest twins on terrorism charges
(Jan 12) Ashton Carleton Larmond and brother Carlos Honor Larmond, 24, are the latest young Muslim converts to come under national suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity. They were arrested Friday after a lenghty RCMP anti-terror investigation. more>>
Terror summit set for D.C.
(Jan 12) Canada will participate in an international summit hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama next month in Washington to fight the growing violent extremism around the world. more>>
Thousands of Muslims join anti-ISIS rally in Baghdad
(Jan 11) Muslims rallied in India-administered Kashmir on Sunday to declare that Islam was a religion of peace. The gathering of thousands of Muslims in Srinagar was organized by the Dawat-e-Minhajul Islam group. more>>
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CDA Institute Registrations

DCNS tests anti-terror system

DCNS has tested, in Toulon harbor, a real-time demonstrator for an asymmetric response to terrorist and piracy attacks. The system integrates ultra-high-definition and high-sensitivity video, augmented reality, powerful algorithms for the detection of threatening behavior. A network of ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras ensures surveillance over a distance of several kilometers around the vessel. more>>
LM Canada awards R&D grant in Quebec
Lockheed Martin Canada Mission Systems & Training (LM Canada MST) has awarded a new research and development grant to Quebec-based InField Scientific. The grant will support continued development of advanced technologies that are used to characterize and protect the ships of the Royal Canadian Navy.
Airbus commercial jets fly in formation
(Dec 5th) Airbus Defence and Space has celebrated the type certification of its newest A350 XWB wide-body commercial jet by releasing a video of a formation flight involving five A350-900 test planes. more>>
2015 Army Run date announced
(Dec 3) Canada Army Run (sponsored by BMO Bank of Montreal), today donated $400,000 in fundraising and proceeds from the 2014 event to Soldier On and the Military Families Fund. The Next year's Canada Army Run will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Registration for the 5K and half marathon events will open on 4 February 2015. Due to the tremendous success, an additional 2,000 new spots will also be added to the 2015 event.
RCA tests new Excallibur "smart" artillery
Royal Canadian Artillery has successfully test-fired a GPS-guided 155 mm artillery shell. The trial of the newest generation of Excalibur proved unmatched for precision, range and accuracy. more>>
DCNS opens new subsidiary in Australia
(Nov 19) In the presence of with Australian Defence Minister, David Johnston, DCNS officially opened a long-term base in Australia, aimed at taking the lead on coming discussions on SEA 1000 program between Australian stakeholders and a combined French government/industry team, including THALES Australia. Australia plans to replace its current Collins Class submarines and DCNS may propose a “conventional Barracuda” submarine, offering to Australia access to the most advanced French design and engineering know-how.
France orders 12 Airbus A330 MRTT refuellers

Airbus Defence and Space has been selected by the French Ministry of Defence to supply 12 A330 MRTT new generation air-to-air refuelling aircraft for the French Air Force. France is the sixth nation to order the type following Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom which have ordered a total of 34 aircraft. more>>
James C. Floyd Award ceremony
(Nov 18) Mr. Dave Caddey (retiring from MDA) and Mr. Ron Holdway (COM DEV) have been awarded the James C. Floyd Award by AIAC for their exceptional contribution in the development of Canada’s space industry. Mr. Caddey and Mr. Holdway were honoured at a ceremony during the Annual Aerospace Dinner here Ottawa.
David Curtis elected to Chair AIAC Board
(Nov 18) Jim Quick, President and CEO of AIAC,announced the election of David Curtis as Chair of the Board for 2014-2015. Mr. Curtis succeeds Barry Kohler. AIAC will look to Mr Curtis' experience "to lead the way toward creating those fruitful relationships that will place Canada at the forefront of global aerospace."
Seaspan modernizes Vancouver shipyard
Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards has announced the completion of its two-year, $170M Shipyard Modernization Project ahead of schedule and under-budget. Funded entirely by Seaspan, the West Coast shipbuilding and ship repair centre allows for the effective and efficient delivery of Non-Combat vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy. more>>
Airbus and DCNS team for ship-based UAS

Airbus Defence and Space and DCNS have signed a cooperation agreement to develop a ship-based helicopter UAS capability. This technological partnership will help to speed up the market release of the TANAN vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) tactical helicopter UAS. more>>
Seaspan starts constuction on OFSV
Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards has started construction on two initial blocks for the NSPS ship, the CCG’s Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV).

Reminder: AIAC Summit Nov 18-19
The annual AIAC Summit kicks off at 08:45, to focus on how aerospace players can deliver in the increasingly complex global market and economic context. View the program here: more>>
Vector Aerospacenew and renewed contracts
In the last week, Vector Aerospace has renewed engine services agreements with: Gander Aerospace Manufacturing / Evas Air (of Gander, Newfoundland); Provincial Aerospace Ltd. (of St. John's, Newfoundland); and CommutAir (of Cleveland, Ohio). Vector also renewed a network services agreement with Turboprop East (based in North Adams, Massachusetts), and Inked a new engine services agreement with Aerway Leasing (based in Waterford, Wisconsin).
Oshkosh: new driver-assist safety systems
Recognizing the critical importance of safety for ground operations, Oshkosh Defense will showcase its new driver assist safety systems – from basic forward collision warning to fully autonomous vehicle operation in high-threat environments. Oshkosh will debut these systems on the new Oshkosh MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) Intervention variant at AUSA 2014 in Washington, D.C.
GE Canada awards $80M contract
GE’s Global Offshore and Marine division has awarded an $80M contract to provide switchboards, variable frequency drives, and other electrical components for drilling ships. At its peak, the contract is expected to generate approximately 50 high-quality trades and professional jobs in Prince Edward Island.
A400M for Germany leaves the paintshop
The first Airbus A400M new generation airlifter for the German Air Force has now been painted in its new colours at the Airbus Defence and Space facility in Seville, Spain. The dark, radar-absorbent, matte tone reduces the visibility of aircraft at altitude, and makes it harder to detect by radar. The paint is an environmentally-friendly chromate-free coating with high solid content and low volatility (for reduced emissions).

Lockheed awarded SEWIP contract for USN
(Oct 8) The U.S. Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin an additional $147 million contract to upgrade the fleet’s electronic warfare defenses against evolving threats, such as anti-ship missiles. The Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) contract will upgrade all U.S. aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and other warships with key capabilities to determine if the electronic sensors of potential foes are tracking the ship.
Paralympic Committee offers new resource
Canadian Paralympic Committee unveils world-leading Paralympic FUNdamentals physical literacy resource for schools across Canada. This free resource for educators in Canada is designed to usher in a new era of inclusiveness to help students of all abilities play and learn together. more>>
Thales completes IMIC3 trials
Thales Canada has completed the Harbour Acceptance Trials and Sea Acceptance Trials for Phase One of the Interdepartmental Maritime Integrated Command, Control and Communications (IMIC3) project, which provides awareness of shipping activity and a background for deeper analysis of trends and vulnerabilities. Phase Two, which starts soon will focus on system integration with Kingston-class vessels. Acceptance of the system is scheduled before the end of 2014.
Airbus delivers to USCG
(Oct 7) Airbus has delivered the 18th HC-144A Ocean Sentry maritime patrol aircraft to the U.S. Coast Guard. It will join a fleet of Ocean Sentries operating from Coast Guard Air Stations in Cape Cod, Mobile, Miami and Corpus Christi (which just retired its last HU-25 Guardian aircraft).
Tug restored by Seaspan
Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards has completed volunteer repair work on the Steam Tow Boat Master (SS Master) as part of its $50,000 donation to the SS Master Society. The historic tug, built in 1922, is the last remaining example of a once formidable fleet of wooden-hulled, steam-powered towboats on the West Coast.

Vector MRO quality certification
Vector Aerospace Engine Services - Atlantic Inc, a global independent provider of aviation MRO services, has received the Quality Standard AS9110B certification for its facility in PEI. Vector is one of only fifteen companies in Canada to hold this approval and the first in Atlantic Canada," says Jeff Poirier, president of ES-A.
Static aviation display at CANSEC-15
The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) has issued the first ever RFI for a static aviation display. CADSI, in collaboration with the National Research Council's Flight Research Centre, will host the static display area on the NRC tarmac, which is conveniently located across the street from the CANSEC 2015 event venue. Transportation will be provided to and from the NRC tarmac for all registrants of the event. Click here for RFI document: more>>
French Fremm begins sea trials
The FREMM Provence, intended for the French Navy, just completed its first sea outing on October 1st. This event marks the start of the vessel’s sea trials, which will be conducted off the Brittany coast over the next few weeks.

Cassidian now Airbus DS Optronics
(Oct 1) Effective today, Cassidian Optronics is a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, and will operate as Airbus DS Optronics GmbH. The Management led by CEO Ralf Klaedtke will remain unchanged. The Canadian office of Airbus DS Optronics will be under the leadership of Simon Jacques.
A400M in final testing
(Sept 29) The first Airbus A400M new generation airlifter for the German Air Force has begun final tests before delivery. The A400M will replace Germany's aging C-160 Transall fleet. Its TP400 engines provide nearly 8-times as much installed power as the C-160. It can carry twice the load of its predecessor over intercontinental distances at speeds comparable to more expensive jet aircraft, and can land on short or unprepared airstrips close to the scene of military or humanitarian action.

MEADS & MFCR Performance Tests
The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) program has completed a six-week performance test of its 360-degree Multifunction Fire Control Radar (MFCR) at Pratica di Mare Air Force Base near Rome, Italy, and at MBDA Germany’s air defense center in Freinhausen in the presence of the German customer and guests from MEADS partner nations. This was the first time the MFCR has been operated in Germany.
BGen Chapman joins WWC Board
Brigadier-General Julian Chapman, Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Central/ Land Force Central Area, will join the Board of Wounded Warriors Canada, a non-profit organization that helps wounded or injured CAF members (reg. force, reservists or retired).
Irving production facility progressing
(Sep 3) The Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding marked the installation of the final piece of steel frame for the production facility that will produce the Navy’s newest combat fleet starting in September 2015. Irving has committed more than $310M in Canada to date for goods and services related to the NSPS, including its Yard Modernization program and work underway on the AOPS Definition Contract.
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