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Garrison Petawawa receives infrastructure funding
(29 May) The Associate Minister of National Defence announced a $20 million dollar investment for Garrison Petawawa to improve and expand critical infrastructure for the Canadian Armed Forces, and help create local jobs. This military base has close to 600 buildings, including 1600 family housing units. This investment will see the modernization and renovation of housing units, repairs to the roadways, as well as improvements to Military Quarters in support members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. more>>
Govt vows to take action soon on defence contracts
(May 29) Public Works Minister Diane Finley says the Conservative government will announce a series of big and small defence equipment contracts over the next few months including a project to buy 1500 new trucks for the army that was originally announced in 2006. more>>
Al-Qaida branch rules out attack
(May 29) Al-Qaida branch in Syria has no plans to attack the West but warns that they might retaliate if airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition continue to target them. The Syrian known as Abu Muhammed al-Golani, who heads the Nusra Front, said the aim of his group is to march to the Syrian captial Damascus and bring down President Bashar Assad's government. more>>
RMC Cadets
The cadets were the most hostile audience she had faced in a career of speaking about sexual assault prevention, recalls a sex-assault prevention educator after being subjected to even more harassment after going public about the response she received during a series of presentations (one to each level) that she was asked by the university to give to the cadets. "If me talking about having been harassed compels you to write me an email telling me that I am human garbage and deserve to die, I think you're proving my point," Julie Lalonde told CBC News. more>>
4 dead as soldier fires on troops
(May 26) A Tunisian soldier opened fire on fellow troops at a military barracks in an attack Monday in the capital, and the state news agency said the gunman and three others were killed with fifteen wounded. more>>
Third AOPS named after CPO Max Bernays
(25 May) DND has announced that the third Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship will be named in honour of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Max Bernays, a Canadian naval hero who served as the Coxswain of HMCS Assiniboine during the Battle of the Atlantic. more>>
RMC Cadets harass Rape Crisis Centre representative
(25 May) An educator who was asked to give presentations on sexual harassment says she was subjected to a hostile environment of cat calls and rape jokes by RMC cadets in the audience, all of whom were ordered to attend the October 2014 presentations. It reportedly took five months of discussion before an official apology, acknowledging the cadets' unprofessional behaviour, was sent by the commadant, BGen Meinzinger. Click here for the video interview: more>>
New Plaque Honouring Valiant Service in Afghanistan
(May 25) Defence Minister Jason Kenney will unveil a commemorative plaque at the Valour Building today. The plaque will recognize 20 military personnel who served with the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan and were awarded the Star of Military Valour for self-sacrifice or devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy. more>>
Balance of Power in Syria Shifting
Latest advances by the Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) in Iraq and Syria have been some of the most successful campaigns for the extremist group since it rampaged into Iraq last summer. This report shows comparative maps showing changes inpower since last year. more>>
Daesh (ISIS) bomb Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia
(22 May) Daesh claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia on today. The Saudi Health Ministry said at least 21 people had been killed and more than 120 others injured.It appeared to be the first official claim of an attack inside the kingdom by the Islamic State, which has seized control of much of Syria and Iraq. more>>
HMC Ships depart for coastal patrols
(May 22) Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Saskatoon and Yellowknife left Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt earlier this week to conduct operations, including coastal surveillance and port visits, along the coast of British Columbia, until mid-June. more>>
AOPS naming to be annoinced
The Associate Minister of National Defence will announce the name of the Royal Canadian Navy’s third Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) on 25 May at 10:30 a.m. (PDT) at the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum. On 23 January 2015 the Government of Canada announced the awarding of the build contract with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. for the construction of six Harry DeWolf-class AOPS as part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS). This contract, valued at $2.3 billion, marks the start of the construction phase under the NSPS. Construction is set to begin in the fall of this year. more>>
International Explosive Ordnance Disposal exercise
The Canadian Armed Forces will host Exercise ARDENT DEFENDER 2015, in which approximately 220 CAF personnel, members of 10 partner nations, and also civilian law enforcement agencies, will conduct exercises related to the safe disposal of ordnance. Various exercises will take place at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt and throughout the Greater Victoria, BC, region from May 25, to June 5. more>>
Malaysia launches SAR missions amid migrant crisis
(May 22) Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has ordered the navy and coastguard to conduct search and rescue operations for boats carrying stricken migrants including ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar, also known as Burma. The total number of number of people to land in Indonesia and Malaysia is around 3000 in the past week. more>>
Ukraine parliament scraps 5 military agreements with Russia
(May 22) The Ukrainian parliament has terminated a series of intergovernmental agreements on military cooperation with Russia, amid growing tensions between the two sides over allegations that Russia has been instigating unrest in eastern Ukraine. more>>
Cabinet to consider commercial ships as stopgap for lack of navy supply vessels
(May 22) Faced with a navy that can no longer resupply and refuel its warships at sea, the Conservative government will soon decide whether to approve the acquisitions of an already bult commercial vessel that can perform the role. more>>
Jason Kenney confirms air strike
(21 May) Defence Minister Jason Kenney issued the following statement about Canada successfully leading an air strike on an ISIS staging area north of Ar-Raqqah, Syria, using precision guided munitions. While assessment of the damage continues, I can confirm that our Royal ..." more>>
CDS meets with NATO counterparts in Belgium
(21 May) General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, met with his North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) counterparts this week for a NATO Military Committee meeting in Brussels, Belgium. more>>
Islamic State seizes parts of ancient town of Palmyra
(May 21 ) After fierce clashes with government troops, fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) took control over the ancient town of Palmyra in central Syria on Wednesday, a group monitoring the war said. The takeover renews fears that the ISIL will destroy priceless archaeological sites if it reaches the ruins. more>>
UN issues call for peace conference
(May 19) Secretary General Ban Kimoon intends to convere a conference to restart the peace process in Yemen but wants the fighting to stop before sending out invitations, the United Nations says. more>>
Navy mechanics fight to keep HMCS Preserver on duty
(May 19) Newly released government records show that navy mechanics in Halifax had to scour the Internet and use eBay to find parts for one of its two supply ships. But the briefing notes obtained by The Canadian Press, prepared for navy commander Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, show the technicians were fighting a losing battle to keep HMCS Preserver on duty. more>>
EU Approves military plan to target migrant smugglers
(May 19) Faced with calls for quick action after the deaths of hundreds of migrants on the Mediterranean this year, the European Union agreed Monday to set up a naval mission to crack down on smuggling rings at sea. more>>
Daesh (ISIS) advancing and capturing more cities
CNN reports that Iraqi Forces have surrendered the city of Ramadi, just west of Baghdad to Daesh (ISIS) militants. The UN reports that at least 500 have been killed in the last two days, and 25,000 have fled the violence... many heading to Baghdad, which is also under strong threat from Daesh, which also controls nearby Falluja and Karma. more>>
CDS visits Peacekeepers in Sinai Peninsula
(18 May) Today, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, visited CAF personnel who are deployed on Operation CALUMET, Canada\'s participation in the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai Peninsula. Operation CALUMET consists of approximately 70 CAF personnel based at the MFO North Camp in El Gorah, Egypt. more>>
Russian/French deal for the MIstral unresolved
(18 May) Reports say that France is still seeking a way to cancel its contract to deliver two helicopter carriers to the Russian navy, but Russia\'s news media claims an agreement has been reached between the two countries, saying: the draft documents \"imply returning Russia about €785 million, which it will be able to receive only after the Russian government issues written permission for the sale of the ships to any third party without any reservations,\" Kommersant reported. According to the newspaper, \"Moscow disagrees with such an approach; it estimates expenses and losses from the severance of the contract at €1,163 billion and does not intend to issue any permission for re-export until this money is returned.\" more>>
Islamic State says it now holds Ramadi
(17 May) The Islamic State group claimed Sunday to hold the entire Iraqi city of Ramadi after security forces fled following a series of suicide car bomb attacks, the Associated Press writes. Iraqi officials disagreed with each other over whether the city had fallen, though the country’s prime minister ordered security forces not to abandon their posts across Anbar province. more>>
Spending Lapse at Veterans Affairs
(17 May) Despite fact that the department of Veterans Affairs Canada produces a detailed report every three months that tracks not only the number of veterans, but their disabilities by category; how many are expected to pass away; their age, gender and ailments; and what is spent on individual programs and services, Minister Erin O’Toole recently defended his department’s $1.13-billion spending lapse by saying it’s tough to track service dollars when so many elderly veterans are passing away. more>>
The Netherlands State Visit to Canada
(16 May) Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will pay a state visit to Canada from Wednesday 27 May through Friday 29 May 2015, at the invitation of Their Excellencies the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and Mrs. Sharon Johnston. more>>
Canadian soldiers commence training in Romania
(15 May) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel are taking part in Exercise SARMIS starting today in Cincu, Romania, as part of Operation REASSURANCE. Exercise SARMIS is a multinational exercise focused on further developing interoperability between NATO allies and enhancing joint operational capabilities. more>>
Military divers eliminate marine safety hazards in Estonia
(15 May) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) clearance divers and support personnel are taking part in Operation OPEN SPIRIT 2015 starting today in Estonia alongside personnel from the Estonian Naval Flotilla (ENF) and 12 other partner nations. Operation OPEN SPIRIT is conducted to dispose of sea mines and other munitions remaining on the seabed from the First and Second World Wars. more>>
Shipbuilding program headed for trouble
(May 15) Five months before election time, the federal government‘s carefully constructed Natianal Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy is threatening to come apart at the seams. Although senior members of cabinet are aware of a potential solution and of a mind to push it foward, over the objections of bureaucrats at DND. more>>
Taliban claim attack in Afghanistan
(May 14) The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility on Thursday for an attack on a popular guesthouse in Kabul that killed at least 14 people, including foreigners attending a dinner and arriving for a concert. Four Indian nationals, a Briton, an American, an Italian and a Kazakh national were confirmed among the dead in a five-hour assault at Park Palace guesthouse in an upscale neighbourhood of central Kabul. The Taliban are stepping up attacks following the withdrawal of most foreign troops. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in an emailed statement that one of the insurgents\\\' operatives carried out the attack with the aim of killing foreign citizens in retaliation for the United States and its allies supporting the Kabul government of President Ashraf Ghani. more>>
New Commander of Joint Task Force-Iraq
(May 13) Following a May 13th ceremony at Camp Canada in Kuwait, Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon assumed command of Joint Task Force-Iraq (JTF-I) from Brigadier-General Dan Constable. As Commander of JTF-I, BGen Bourgon will command approximately 600 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel deployed on Operation IMPACT – Canada’s military contribution to the multinational coalition against the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). JTF-I includes Air Task Force-Iraq (ATF-I) as well as planning teams and liaison officers working alongside counterparts. more>>
Harper announces support to the manuafacturing sector
(May 14) Prime Minister Harper was in Windsor Ontario to announce his mandate to increase manufacturing jobs in southern Ontario. Part of this plan includes extending support programs to save money for companies, and promises to help build the manufacturing sector. more>>
Bombardier cuts 1,750 jobs
(May 14) Bombardier has announced layoffs of 1,750 jobs in Montreal, Toronto, and Belfast. The company says this is a calculated decision to adjust its production rate to market demand. It says these layoffs are in response to a soft China and Russia market. more>>
Independent body for military sexual misconduct is on is way
(May 14) Defence Minister Jason Kenney has promised the creation of an independant body to deal with sexual misconduct in the military after questions about senior brass’s commitment to dealing with the problem. On wednesday, CBC reported Lawson had issued a directive to senior commanders on webnesday. more>>
Message from the Chief of the Defence Staff
(May 13) General Tom Lawson clarifies DND’s response to the issue of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the Canadian Armed Forces, reiterating the seriousness with which the department views these matters. more>>
Airbus A400M flight test completed
(May 13) An Airbus A400M had a test flight yesterday from Tolouse to Seville. This is the first flight since Saturday’s accident in which flight test staff perished. Flight Engineer, Fernando Alonso, the head of Military Aircraft for Airbus Defence and Space was on board for the flight. The company announced that everything performed normally and that all scheduled tests were completed. more>>
Kurdish general among four killed in Iraq blast
(May 13) A roadside bomb blast killed a Kurdish peshmerga major general and three of his bodyguards in Iraq’s Daquq region on Tuesday. The device exploded as Major General Salah Dilmani was touring the peshmerga front against the Islamic State group south of the city of Kirkuk. more>>
Merkel urges Putin on ceasefire
(May 11) German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Russia to do more to ensure peace in eastern Ukraine as she visited the Kremlin on Sunday, saying there were frequent violations of a ceasefire by Moscow-backed separatists. more>>
Shiite insurgents agree to ceasefire
(May 11) Shiite rebels and their allies in Yemen said Sunday they would accept a five-day humanitarian cease-fire to allow aid to reach civilians after more than a month of daily Saudi-led airstrikes. The cease-fire is expected to begin Tuesday and hopes to ease the suffering of civilians in the Arab world’s poorest country who increasingly lack food, fuel and medicine since the bombing campaign began March 26. more>>
VE-Day celebrations for 70th anniversary
(May 11) Retired Capt. Rolfe Monteith, the jaunty ninty-one-year-old former Royal Canadian Navy engineer, was one of only four veterans from Canada invited to participate in VE-Day celebrations in London commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the war against Nazi Germany. more>>
North Korea testing Ballistic Missiles
(9 May) North Korea has announced it carried out a successful underwater test of a ballistic missile. more>>
Senate Subcommittee looks at PTSD and OSI
The Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs will be meeting on 13 May 2015. Witnesses Michel Doiron, ADM Service Delivery and David Ross, A/Mgr National Clinic Coordinator at VAC, will be testifying on the medical, social, and operational impacts of mental health issues affecting serving and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces, including operational stress injuries (OSIs) such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Click here for the webcast: more>>
CAF medical team returns home from Sierra Leone
(8 May) The second group of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel on Operation SIRONA arrived in Ottawa today after deploying to West Africa in support of the Government of Canada’s response to fight the Ebola epidemic. The third group of CAF members arrived in Sierra Leone on April 20, 2015. more>>
ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad prison break
(9 May) Breaking News: Some 40 inmates, 9 of whom were facing terror-related charges, have escaped a prison in Iraq, possibly with help from ISIS. Official announcements do not correspond with news reports. more>>
Military plane crashes near Sevilla, Spain
Airbus Defence and Space has confirmed that an A400M military transport aircraft, earmarked for the Turkish Air Force, has crashed shortly after take-off near Seville\'s San Pablo airport in Spain. Local reports say the plane hit an electric power line as the pilots tried to make an emergency landing of the test flight. Numbers of people on board have been reported as “up to 10”. Airbus has confirmed that four crew members died in the crash. more>>
Prince of Wales to serve as Colonel-in-Chief for 2IrRC
(9 May) His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has graciously agreed to serve as the Colonel-in-Chief of the 2nd Battalion, The Irish Regiment of Canada, who are celebrating their centennial with a Freedom of the City Parade today in Sudbury, Ontario. more>>
Seaspan Celebrates Naming of BC Ferries’ First-Ever Cable Ferry
(8 May) BC Ferries unveiled the name of its newest vessel and first-ever cable ferry, Baynes Sound Connector, at an official naming ceremony at Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards in North Vancouver today. more>>
PPCLI rededicates memorial to the Battle of Frezenberg
(8 May) Today, exactly 100 years after its first great battle of the First World War, approximately 150 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) commemorated a century of PPCLI service to Canada by: re-dedicating a refurbished memorial to the Battle of Frezenberg; conducting a Freedom of the City Parade in Ypres; and participating in a service at Menin Gate in Belgium. One hundred years ago, the PPCLI, having fought fiercely throughout the Second Battle of Ypres, made its stand at Frezenberg, Belgium. The PPCLI held the line but at the terrible cost of losing most of “The Originals” – the soldiers who first signed up when the regiment was raised. more>>
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Jamming and bomb protection in one device
Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new protection system, called Multirole Jammer, that combines the highest efficiency countering radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) with comprehensive monitoring of the signal spectrum and tactical communication jamming. Visit CANSEC Booth #401 for info.
DCNS to present CSC options at CANSEC
DCNS, a world leader in naval defence and an innovator in the energy sector, will participate in this year�s CANSEC Exhibition in Ottawa (May 27 and 28) The Group intends to develop naval engineering and industrial partnerships in Canada through its wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary, DCNS Technologies Canada Inc. DCNS proposes to adapt its FREMM frigate design to the Canadian requirements for the Surface Combatant. Visit CANSEC booth #1428
Royal Netherlands Navy in Montreal
On May 28th, together with Canadian WWII veterans who in 1945 helped liberate the Netherlands, Rear-Admiral Ben Bekkering, Deputy Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy, will attend the “70 years liberation concert” aboard HNLMS Karel Doorman in the harbour of Montreal. The next day, the Rear-Admiral and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade H.E. Ploumen will be at the Maritime Business Event, where representatives of the Dutch and Canadian maritime industries will meet.
CANSEC Alert: Rheinmetall
Rheinmetall will be displaying a broad spectrum of its defence technology systems and products at the CANSEC show (27-28 May). The Düsseldorf-based high-tech enterprise will be emphasizing its wide-ranging expertise in the maritime domain, which visitors can see for themselves at Booth #1121.
Raytheon SDB II achieves Milestone C
Raytheon Company and the U.S. Air Force successfully completed the Small Diameter Bomb II Milestone C decision briefing, paving the way for the program to enter low rate initial production. The SDB II employs Raytheon's revolutionary tri-mode seeker and can strike targets from a range of more than 40 nautical miles, with a dynamic warhead that can destroy both soft and hard targets. The bomb can also change targets in-flight through the use of a secure datalink.
Bart Reynolds President of Seaspan Marine
Seaspan has announced that it has selected as its new President. Reynolds holds an MBA from the University of Texas, as well as a BBA and a BA from the University of New Mexico. He joins Seaspan with over 20 years experience in positions of leadership and senior management, the last 15 of which have consisted of positions in the offshore supply boat business in the United States, West Africa, the Mediterranean and Latin America, including as Vice President, Americas at GulfMark Offshore Inc.
Seaspan recognized for adding jobs
(20 May) On behalf of the federal government, today British Columbia government officials will recognize Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards as one of the many B.C. businesses to receive a Canada Job Grant.
SM-6 program ramps up production
Raytheon Company's Standard Missile-6 program has moved from low-rate to full-rate production, clearing the path for significantly increased production numbers and focus on further cost-reduction opportunities. SM-6 is a surface-to-air supersonic missile capable of successfully engaging manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. It also defends against land-attack and anti-ship cruise missiles in flight.
Airbus Helicopters Foundation supports rescue efforts in Chile
(24 Apr) An H125 rotorcraft chartered by the Airbus Helicopters Foundation has joined rescue activity in Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert region, where the heaviest rainfall in 80 years has caused massive flooding and landslides. With support provided by Airbus Helicopters representatives in Chile, the Santiago-based H125 from Transporte Aereo Albatros Ltda. was flown to the affected zone, where it began transporting search and rescue personnel. This rotorcraft has also been available for flights to locate those trapped or isolated by the natural disaster. Recent downpours in the Atacama Desert region – which normally is one of the world’s driest areas – destroyed homes and bridges, cut off roads, and left thousands stranded as rivers broke their banks and flash floods filled dry valleys.
French Navy renews TLS contract with DCNS

DCNS has just obtained a contract for providing through life support (TLS) until 2020 to the six nuclear-fueled attack submarines in service in the French National Navy and based in Toulon. Announced by the Fleet Support Department, the contract became effective 1 April 2015 to provide TLS to the entire fleet of nuclear attack submarines, which comprises six Rubis-type ships as well as preliminary servicing for Suffren, the First of Class of the Barracuda submarines. The contract also includes the operation of Toulon's nuclear infrastructures, the tools as well as the simulators of the National school of submariners.
Jenny Gethings new VP DB at Seaspan
Seaspan Marine announced that Jenny Gethings has joined its team as Vice President, Business Development. Jenny has more than 25 years in the marine industry, including port operations and cargo logistics. She most recently served as Director of Global Projects for Schenker Canada, where she was responsible for numerous projects worldwide.
Germany to buy more Leopard tanks
Germany announced it would buy at least 103 modernized Leopard 2s, reportedly bringing Germany's total number of tanks to at least 328. German Defence Ministry spokesman Jens Flosdorff said the country will spend $23 million on this project, which includes upgrading A6 tanks to A7 capability. more>>
L-3 delivers HEL BD to DRDC
L-3 Brashear has delivered a High-Energy Laser Beam Director to Defence Research and Development Canada to enhance its mobile characterization and development lab. L-3 worked with leading scientists at DRDC to design and build a ruggedized HEL BD for use at open field test ranges. The trailer-mounted HEL BD includes a vision system, aiming aids, and a multi-kilowatt optical system, allowing the operator to adjust the spot size of the beam on target to evaluate the laser’s capabilities. The development effort will allow establishment of potential requirements for an HEL-based military system.
Coast Guard to get new helicopters
Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, has signed a contract with PWGSC for the supply of 7 Bell 412EPI helicopters to the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). The C$155 million contract is part of the CCG’s Fleet Renewal Plan. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered in June 2016, with subsequent helicopters to be delivered every three months thereafter. This contract follows a CCG contract announced in May 2014 for 15 Bell 429 helicopters (the first of which was delivered in March 2015).
Lockheed Martin Canada wins AOPS contract
Lockheed Martin Canada has been awarded the implementation subcontract (valued at more than C$170M) as command and surveillance system integrator for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new class of Patrol Ships, by Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) Prime Contractor, Irving Shipbuilding. As one of Irving’s Tier 1 suppliers for delivering the AOPS vessels as part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS), Lockheed Martin Canada is responsible for key integration of data and information sources to increase the ships’ situational awareness and provide command, control and decision support at all levels of command for the new vessels.
Airbus and PAL sign LOI extending collaboration
Provincial Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space sign letter of intent to explore the extension of their relationship beyond the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue program. From left: Simon Jacques (Airbus Defence and Space, Canada), Pablo Molina (Airbus Defence and Space Military Aircraft Canada), Derek Scott (Provincial Aerospace) and Richard Poole (Provincial Aerospace) sign a letter of intent to facilitate the exploration of extending their relationship internationally.

Airbus Helicopters Foundation provides aid
The Airbus Helicopters Foundation, in coordination with French Foreign Affairs Ministry Crisis Center joined forces to distribute medical supplies, food and other humanitarian aid to the communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, some 1,7500 km east of Australia. The category five cyclone caused enormous damage, and aid agencies have indicated that conditions are among the most challenging they have faced.

Mexico orders C295 with winglets
The Mexican Navy has become the launch customer of the latest version of the new Airbus medium transport aircraft C295W – equipped with winglets, which enable the C295W to transport more payload to a longer distance with around a 4% fuel savings, even in hot and high conditions. Winglets will be standard for all new C295s ordered from now on.
Airbus Management changes in effect
(Mar 31) Following the reorganization of the A400M Programme, Kurt Rossner, currently Head of Light & Medium & Derivatives within Military Aircraft, will switch positions with Rafael Tentor to now Head the A400M Programme, effective 1 April. Both will report directly to Fernando Alonso, Head of Military Aircraft within Airbus Defence and Space.
Lockheed officially opens new Kanata facility
Lockheed held a special opening reception on March 12th. Approximately 200 people attended the event and toured the new facility, which includes spacious offices for the engineering component and dedicated offices with break out rooms for groups working on proposals. The company expects to add about 80 new jobs here within the next year.
Davie to upgrade CCGS Earl Grey
Chantier Davie Canada was awarded a new contract from the government of Canada for the Vessel Life Extension of Canadian Coast Guard Ship Earl Grey. A Medium Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessel, CCGS Earl Grey performs a variety of roles including icebreaking. The vessel's 9-month life extension program will take place in Davie's secondary drydock, the Lorne dock. The program primarily consists of replacements and upgrades to engines, machinery, equipment and electrical systems.
DCNS selected for NATO BMD contract
DCNS has been selected, as part of a multinational industrial team led by US-based Leidos, to participate in the system engineering and the integration of the NATO Ballistic Missile Defence. DCNS will provide leading-edge expertise as a naval systems prime contractor to contribute to the definition and specification phase as well as the integration and testing of the NATO BMD architectures. The single-award firm-fixed-price contract has a four-year base period of performance, two one-year options, plus an eight-month option. Total contract value: $77 million if all options are exercised.
Alain Bellemaire new Bombardier CEO
Montreal-based Bombardier announced that Pierre Beaudoin is stepping down as CEO to become executive chairman, effective 13 Feb 2015. Taking over as CEO will be Alain Bellemare, who was most recently head of United Technologies Corp.’s propulsion and aerospace business, including the Pratt & Whitney engine division. more>>
Thales: new Executive Committee members
Mark Halinaty, CEO of Thales Canada, has made the following appointments to its Executive Committee: Dave Spagnolo has been appointed Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Thales Canada Inc. Siegfried Usal has been appointed Vice President, Strategy and Communications for Thales Canada Inc. Jerry McLean has been appointed Vice President & Managing Director, Thales Canada, Defence & Security
David Jurkowski joins Marshall Aerospace
Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in Canada has appointed David Jurkowski as its new Vice President Government and Industry Relations. David served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 30 years as a fighter pilot, commander of operational formations and steward of domestic and international operations. Following his retirement as a Brigadier-General, he spent 13 years in business development and government relations at Bombardier Aerospace. David will help Marshall Aerospace and Defence build on its broad spectrum of successes.
Mgmt change at Airbus Military Aircraft
(Jan 29) Fernando Alonso has been named the new Head of Military Aircraft, A400M Business Segment, replacing Domingo Ureña-Raso who will take a new position in the group. Industrialisation of the A400M will now be integrated into the Operational unit of the division, under the lead of Mr. Pilar Albiac-Murillo.
DCNS tests anti-terror system

DCNS has tested, in Toulon harbor, a real-time demonstrator for an asymmetric response to terrorist and piracy attacks. The system integrates ultra-high-definition and high-sensitivity video, augmented reality, powerful algorithms for the detection of threatening behavior. A network of ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras ensures surveillance over a distance of several kilometers around the vessel. more>>
LM Canada awards R&D grant in Quebec
Lockheed Martin Canada Mission Systems & Training (LM Canada MST) has awarded a new research and development grant to Quebec-based InField Scientific. The grant will support continued development of advanced technologies that are used to characterize and protect the ships of the Royal Canadian Navy.
Airbus commercial jets fly in formation
(Dec 5th) Airbus Defence and Space has celebrated the type certification of its newest A350 XWB wide-body commercial jet by releasing a video of a formation flight involving five A350-900 test planes. more>>
2015 Army Run date announced
(Dec 3) Canada Army Run (sponsored by BMO Bank of Montreal), today donated $400,000 in fundraising and proceeds from the 2014 event to Soldier On and the Military Families Fund. The Next year's Canada Army Run will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Registration for the 5K and half marathon events will open on 4 February 2015. Due to the tremendous success, an additional 2,000 new spots will also be added to the 2015 event.
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