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The First World War - Global War (part 3 of 10)
The extraordinary story of how, in 1914, Germany tried to open the war around the world, and how Britain desperately tried to close it down. In Africa, the seeds of African self-determination were sown. more>>
Russian troops could be in five NATO capitals in two days: Putin
(Sept. 19) Shockwaves reverberated through Eastern Europe Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly boasted that the military forces of his country could invade five NATO capitals inside two days. “If I wanted, Russian troops could not only be in Kiev in two days, but in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw or Bucharest, too,” Putin said, according to Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko. more>>
NDP refuses to back deployment of Canadian troops to Iraq
(Sept. 19) The federal New Democratic Party is refusing to back the Harper government’s decision to send Canadian special forces soldiers into northern Iraq. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says it’s the only responsible position to take, given the Conservatives’ refusal to provide details of the deployment or to allow parliamentarians to vote on the matter. more>>
CAF Promotions
CDS General Tom Lawson has announced additions to the 2014 list of senior Canadian Armed Forces appointments, promotions and retirements: · MGen D.B. Millar was promoted to the rank of LGen and will remain as Chief of Military Personnel at NDHQ in Ottawa. · Col S.M. Cadden was promoted to the rank of BGen and appointed Director General Land Capability Development / COS Land Strategy, at NDHQ, replacing BGen C.C. Thurrott, who is retiring from service. · Capt(N) J.P.G.M. Charron was promoted to the rank of Cmdre and appointed Assistant Chief of Military Personnel, at NDHQ, replacing Cmdre L. Bisson who is retiring from service. · Col L.A.B. De Sousa was promoted to the rank of BGen and appointed Deputy Commander 2nd Canadian Division, in Montréal, replacing BGen P.E.R.S. Hebert who is retiring from service. · Col D.A. Patterson will be promoted to the rank of BGen and appointed Deputy Commander 4th Canadian Division, in Toronto, replacing BGen J.C. Chapman who is retiring from service. · BGen N.E. Russell was appointed Strategic J4 for the CAF, at NDHQ. · BGen S. Friday was appointed Director General Air Readiness, at NDHQ, replacing BGen N.E. Russell. · Col P.F.C. Garbutt was promoted to the rank of BGen and appointed Director General Air Force Development, at NDHQ, replacing BGen S.J. Kummel whose retirement was previously announced.
Canadian military suicides outnumbered deaths in Afghanistan
(Sept. 18) During the dozen or so years that Canadians fought in Afghanistan, 158 Armed Forces members were killed, while 178 Canadian military personnel took their lives. “I think the problem is much bigger than the numbers show,” said military lawyer and retired Col. Michel Drapeau. “Many suicides occur after the person has left the Armed Forces and those numbers aren\'t included in the totals.” more>>
Former military chiefs warn over Scottish independence
(Sept. 18) Fourteen former armed forces chiefs in the United Kingdom said this week in an “open letter to the people of Scotland” that a vote for Scottish independence on Thursday would “weaken us all.” In the newspaper-published letter, the former chiefs of the navy, army and air force expressed their concern about the possibility of a separate Scottish military if the Yes side wins. more>>
HMCS Regina arrives back home
After 8-month deployment in support of Operations ARTEMIS and REASSURANCE, HMCS Regina arrived at CFB Esquimalt today. Regina departed on 6 January 2014 for the Arabian Sea region in support of Operation ARTEMIS, and was re-tasked on 30 April 2014, to Operation REASSURANCE to join Standing NATO Maritime Forces in the Mediterranean Sea. The deployment contributed to peace and security in Eastern and Central Europe in response the Putin regime’s military aggression and invasion of Ukraine. Regina was relieved by HMCS Toronto on August 5th.
NATO troops killed in Afghanistan
(Sept. 17) Three coalition troops were killed Tuesday near the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, and a fourth died Monday after an Afghan soldier opened fire on NATO forces. The violence underscores the continued vulnerability of international forces serving in Afghanistan. more>>
U.S. top general: Policy against combat troops in Iraq could change
(Sept. 17) U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told senators on Tuesday that President Barack Obama has ordered him to let the Commander-in-Chief know about the need to use American troops in combat operations in Iraq if circumstances on the ground against the Islamic State warrant it. Dempsey told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Obama has instructed him to make “other recommendations” — meaning ones that call for U.S. ground combat forces — “on a case-by-case basis.” more>>
U.S. and NATO troops begin Ukraine military exercise
(Sept. 16) About 1,300 troops from 15 countries - including the United States and other NATO members - have begun a military exercise near Lviv in western Ukraine. The exercise involves troops from several NATO countries and former Soviet-bloc countries that are part of the alliance’s Partnership for Peace program. more>>
ISIS must be fought ’by any means necessary’: diplomats
(Sept. 16) Diplomats from around the world pledged to fight ISIS militants “by any means necessary” as Iraq asked allies to thwart the extremists wherever they find sanctuary. “We are asking for airborne operations to be continued regularly against terrorist sites,” said Iraqi President Fouad Massoum at a recent conference in Paris. “We must not allow them to set up sanctuaries.” more>>
NATO members start arms deliveries to Ukraine
(Sept. 15) NATO countries have started delivering arms to Ukraine to help its soldiers fight pro-Russian separatists in the east. Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, says NATO is the “only vehicle” to protect the country from Russia. more>>
Leadership to change at US Army research command
A change of leadership at the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command will take place at the Aberdeen Proving Ground on Sept 22nd. During the ceremony, Maj. Gen. John F. Wharton will assume command of RDECOM from current Director Dale A. Ormond whose next assignment is Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Plans and Resources), Office of the Assistant Secretary of Army (Manpower/Reserve Affairs), reporting for duty 5 Oct.
Rick Hansen guest speaker at Army Run
Canada Army Run organizers are proud to announce that Honorary Colonel Rick Hansen will be a special guest speaker at this year's pasta dinner which will be held September 20th in Ottawa. HCol Hansen is also participating in the 5K event September 21st with members of Soldier On. More than $310,000 was raised last year for Soldier On and the Military Families Fund. Registration for the event has reached saturation and is now closed.
Canadian military to school Kurds on ’art and science’ of air strikes
(Sept. 14) About 70 Canadian special forces soldiers deploying to Iraq will teach Kurdish fighters everything from marking targets for air strikes to operating high-tech communications gear. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has committed Canadian Armed Forces personnel to Iraq for 30 days, although it is widely believed that Ottawa will extend the mission. more>>
Russia still has 1,000 troops in Ukraine, 20,000 more along border
(Sept. 12) Russia still has about 1,000 troops in eastern Ukraine, NATO said Thursday, and 20,000 more troops along the border between the two countries. In addition to the troops, NATO continues to see sophisticated Russian military equipment inside Ukraine. more>>
Putin promises new weapons to fend perceived threats
(Sept. 12) On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country is developing new nuclear and conventional weapons to counter recent moves by the U.S. and NATO. On the same day, Russia’s military successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a nuclear submarine. more>>
Obama announces ’broad coalition’ to fight Islamic State
(Sept. 11) The U.S. government will lead a “broad coalition” to defeat the Islamic State through air strikes and support for military partners on the ground, President Obama said in a speech on Wednesday night. “Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy,” Obama said, using an acronym for the Islamic State terrorist group. more>>
At least 11 Afghan civilians “killed by NATO airstrike”
(Sept. 11) At least 11 Afghan civilians including women and children have been killed and 16 injured in a NATO airstrike in the eastern province of Kunar. NATO is investigating the air strike, which President Hamid Karzai condemned. more>>
Canadian special forces advisers already in Iraq, minister says
(Sept. 10) On Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that Canada would be sending special forces soldiers to Iraq to assist as advisers in the fight against the Islamic State. Three days later, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson revealed that some of the military personnel were already in Iraq. Gen. Tom Lawson, the Chief of the Defence Staff, also told reporters Monday that the military would not be using its Chinook helicopters or drones in the conflict-ridden Middle East country. more>>
Russian warplanes buzzed HMCS Toronto in Black Sea
(Sept. 10) Russian military aircraft - one surveillance plane and two fighter jets - circled above a Canadian ship, HMCS Toronto, in the Black Sea on Sunday. The frigate left Halifax in late July to replace HMCS Regina, which has been a part of the Standing NATO Maritime Forces since May. more>>
New CJOC Commander
(Sep 9) The command of Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) officially changed hands at a ceremony held today in Ottawa. Lieutenant-General Jonathan Vance assumed command of CJOC from LGen Stuart Beare at a ceremony presided over by General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff.
Exercise Maple Arch begins
Fifteen Canadian Army soldiers are participating in Exercise MAPLE ARCH 14, from September 8-18, in Lublin, Poland. This exercise fosters international military relations, interoperability among contributing nations and promotes security and stability in Central and Eastern Europe.
The First World War - To Arms (online - part 1 of 10)
This highly-acclaimed, definitive chronicle of World War I begins with an exploration of the tensions between the decaying Austro-Hungarian Empire and its aggressive neighbour, Serbia, and explains how the pattern of the war was set within the first month. more>>
Canadian Armed Forces gets new operations commander
(Sept. 9) Lt.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, a former combat commander, has been chosen to oversee Canadian military operations at home and abroad. He twice led the army’s task force in Kandahar and will be sworn in Tuesday as the head of Canada’s joint operations. more>>
Canadian military getting 20 bomb-sniffing robots
(Sept. 9) National Defence is spending nearly $10 million to acquire 20 high-tech robots meant to detect radioactive dirty bombs as well as chemical and biological weapons. The remotely-controlled vehicles can enter buildings, climb stairs, and generally operate in areas that may be unsafe for soldiers. more>>
Canadian military mission to Iraq ’not without risk’: Harper
(Sept. 8) Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday that sending Canadian special forces soldiers to Iraq to help in the fight against Islamic State jihadists as advisers is “not without risk.” The Canadian military personnel will assist their American counterparts in advising the Iraqis on how to halt the further advance of IS extremists in the country’s north. more>>
Scottish independence would effect UK military, defense industry
(Sept. 8) The latest survey in Scotland shows that a small majority of Scots want to leave the United Kingdom. A national referendum on the issue of Scottish independence will be held later this month. Scotland’s departure from the UK could lead to the division of British military assets, banishment of Britain’s northern nuclear armed submarine base, and moving the high-tech defense industry into what is being called “rUK” - “rest of the United Kingdom.” more>>
NATO faces 1st test, as Estonia accuses Russia of abduction
(Sept. 6) Following its two-day summit in Wales, a revitalized NATO is already facing its first test in relation to Russian aggression, according to Estonia. The Estonian government said Friday that Russian agents recently crossed the border and detained one of their police officers. more>>
NATO summit begins; Ukrainian leader voices cautious optimism
(Sept. 5) Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed guarded optimism Thursday at the NATO summit in Britain that a peace initiative advanced by Russia can bring a quick end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Western allies promised an immediate escalation of sanctions against Moscow if the negotiations turn out to be “a smoke screen” for further Russian intervention in the armed conflict started by Russia-backed rebels earlier this year. more>>
NATO yet to finalize troop numbers for Afghanistan
(Sept. 5) NATO leaders have not yet agreed on the size of a training and assistance force expected to be based in Afghanistan between 2015 and 2017. “I’m not able to announce any exact figure at this point also because the [presidential] political process in Afghanistan has not yet been finalized,” said NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday. more>>
Training in the Black Sea
From September 6-27, HMCS Toronto will work with vessels from several partner nations in the Black Sea as part of Operation REASSURANCE. In the wake of Russia’s aggression in Central and Eastern Europe, these training exercises and maritime situational awareness operations will enhance maritime security in the Black Sea.
Obama calls on NATO to strengthen Ukraine against Russia
(Sept. 4) On Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama called on NATO to strengthen Ukraine’s military, a move that signaled a toughening of Washington’s response to Russian aggression. During his speech in Estonia, Obama accused Moscow of a “brazen assault” on Ukraine, and said NATO should fortify the defence capabilities of countries threatened by Moscow. more>>
France: ’conditions’ not in place to deliver ship to Russia
(Sept. 4) France said Wednesday that “conditions” were not in place to deliver the first of two French-built Mistral-class warships to Russia. “The President of the Republic declared that, despite the prospect of a ceasefire which still remains to be confirmed and implemented, the conditions for France to deliver the first warship are not to date in place,” Francois Hollande’s office said in a statement. more>>
Harper government talks tough, but cuts $2.7B from defence budget
(Sept. 3) Despite tough talk from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird about Russian military activities in the eastern part of Ukraine, newly released figures reveal that the Department of National Defence is facing an even deeper budget hole in the coming year than previously anticipated. Annual military spending is slated to shrink by $2.7 billion in 2015, which would be almost $300 million more than earlier estimates and about $600 million more than DND officials acknowledged last fall. more>>
NATO not coming to Kiev’s rescue, regardless of Putin’s actions
(Sept. 3) Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, requested last week that his country be considered for full membership in NATO, but the response from the world’s largest military alliance was silence. “I don’t see any red line that, if crossed [by Russia], would lead to [NATO] military engagement” in Ukraine, NATO deputy secretary general Alexander Vershbow recently said. more>>
NATO rapid reaction force ’would strike hard if needed’
(Sept. 2) A North Atlantic Treaty Organization unit that would be kept on permanent high alert and ready to deploy within 48 hours when a military crisis arises will be approved by NATO leaders of North Atlantic Treaty Organization when they meet in Wales this week. “This force can travel light, but strike hard if needed,” Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters this past weekend. It would be a “very high-readiness force able to deploy at very short notice.” more>>
Iraq crisis: Shia and Kurdish forces move against IS
(Sept. 2) Iraqi Shia militias and Kurdish troops are continuing their advance against Islamic State militants after breaking the siege of Amerli in northern Iraq. Meanwhile Amnesty International says that it has uncovered new evidence that Islamic State has launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the north. more>>
Canada’s military watching climate change carefully: Nicholson
(Sept. 1) Defence Minister Rob Nicholson says the Canadian Armed Forces are watching the changing climate in the North “very, very carefully.” He recently travelled to Baffin Island for Operation Nanook, the annual military exercise held during the summer in the North. more>>
European leaders concerned about Putin’s New Russia
(Sept. 1) European Union leaders met this past weekend to discuss the ongoing crisis in the eastern Ukraine and the vulnerability of the Baltic states to Russian military action. Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly been talking about using his country’s armed forces to impose a new “statelet” within present-day Ukraine called Novorossiya - New Russia - which would annex a large portion of the former Soviet Union territory, including coastal areas. more>>
NATO pushes for bigger crisis response brigade
(Aug. 31) Canada will send soldiers, combat jets, and warships to participate in a huge NATO training exercise next year that will last several months. Known as Trident Juncture 2015, the exercise will be held in Italy, Spain, and Portugal and designed around a scenario where NATO responds to an attack against a member country. more>>
Ukraine crisis: Obama rules out military action
(Aug. 29) Reports of 1,000 or more Russian soldiers fighting inside eastern Ukraine in support of pro-Russia separatists has drawn widespread condemnation. “We are not taking military action to solve the Ukrainian problem,” Obama said. “What we’re doing is to mobilize the international community to apply pressure on Russia.” more>>
Cdn. jets move closer to Russia as Ukraine conflict heats up
(Aug. 29) Canadian fighter jets have arrived at Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania and will soon patrol closer to Russia. CF-188 Hornet warplanes will protect airspace over Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia starting next week, working with jets from Portugal, Germany, and Belgium. more>>
NATO plans east European bases to counter Russian threat
(Aug. 27) NATO will deploy its forces at new bases in eastern Europe in response to the Ukrainian crisis and in an attempt to deter Russia from causing trouble in the former Soviet Baltic republics. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: “We will adopt what we call a readiness action plan with the aim to be able to act swiftly in this completely new security environment in Europe.” more>>
Pentagon warns that ISIS has global aspirations
(Aug. 27) The Pentagon warned Tuesday that Islamic State militants who have taken control of large parts of Iraq and Syria have global aspirations, ratcheting up already dire U.S. rhetoric against the brutal jihadist army. “Quite frankly, we“re not turning a blind eye to their global aspirations,” said Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary. more>>
Challenger jets kept by Conservative government due to high use
(Aug. 26) The Harper government’s plan to decommission four of the six C-144 Challengers operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force was sidelined and revisited last year because the executive jets were getting more VIP and military use than thought. The Challengers have flown the prime minister, governor general, and cabinet ministers as well as military members in an air ambulance capacity. more>>
Regional plan key to militants’ defeat in Iraq: Gen. Dempsey
(Aug. 26) U.S. airstrikes on Islamic militants in Iraq have blunted their momentum, but defeating them will require a broad regional approach that draws support from Iraq’s neighbors and includes political and diplomatic efforts, said Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Sunday. Such a coalition could “squeeze ISIS from multiple directions in order to initially disrupt it and eventually defeat it,” he said. more>>
Ukrainian rebels parade captured soldiers
(Aug. 25) Captured Ukrainian soldiers were paraded through the streets of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on Sunday as bystanders pelted them with eggs, water bottles, and tomatoes. “Hang the fascists from a tree!” one woman shouted as other women rushed at the prisoners, trying to kick and slap them. more>>
Islamic State fighters seize Syrian air base
(Aug. 25) Islamic State combatants have taken control of a key Syrian military aviation facility, the Tabqa air base. Days of fighting there have reportedly resulted in hundreds of dead on both sides. more>>
CAF to stockpile equipment in Arctic ’hubs’ for faster response
(Aug. 22) The Canadian Armed Forces plans to develop sites throughout the Arctic and stockpile equipment there to be used by troops if they are ever deployed into the region in case of emergency. “A series of Northern Operations Hubs will be created with the view to facilitate initial rapid deployment and up to 30 days sustained operations in the North,” wrote Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare last year. more>>
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Vector Aerospace

BGen Chapman joins WWC Board
Brigadier-General Julian Chapman, Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Central/ Land Force Central Area, will join the Board of Wounded Warriors Canada, a non-profit organization that helps wounded or injured CAF members (reg. force, reservists or retired).
Irving production facility progressing
(Sep 3) The Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding marked the installation of the final piece of steel frame for the production facility that will produce the Navy’s newest combat fleet starting in September 2015. Irving has committed more than $310M in Canada to date for goods and services related to the NSPS, including its Yard Modernization program and work underway on the AOPS Definition Contract.
Tim Page joins Seaspan Shipyards
(Aug 5) Tim Page has joined Seaspan Shipyards as Vice President, Govt Relations. The Seaspan team will benefit from Tim's 30+ years of leadership and senior management experience across diverse sectors, including his 9 years in Ottawa as president of CADSI.
Vector Aerospace exhibits in Brazil
The global independent provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, Vector Aerospace, will be exhibiting at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) from August 12-14, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Brazil orders Airbus C295 SAR aircraft

Brazil has signed a contract with Airbus Defence and Space for the acquisition of three Airbus C295 search and rescue aircraft and a five-year Full In Service Support contract. The aircraft will join 12 transport-configured C295 aircraft, taking the total Brazilian C295 fleet to 15. more>>
Vector Aerospace Africa

Johannesburg – Vector Aerospace, a global independent provider of aviation MRO services, has announced that its engine repair and overhaul facility, located in Lanseria, South Africa, has been appointed a Designated Overhaul Facility for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140 aircraft engine. more>>
Denmark to choose new fighter
Airbus Defence and Space has submitted its bid in response to the Danish Ministry of Defence´s tender for the replacement of Denmark´s fleet of F-16 fighters.
STX Canada joins Vard Marine
(July 4) Vard Holdings Limited, a major global designer and shipbuilder of offshore and specialized vessels, has acquired STX Canada Marine Inc, a leading marine engineering and design company with more than 30 years history in North America. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with branch offices in Ottawa and Houston, the new acquisition operate under the Vard Marine name. President Dave McMillan will stay on, allowing the new organization to combine the best practices of Norwegian and North American marine engineering and design. more>>
Irving hires Aboriginal tradesmen
Irving Shipbuilding officially welcomed four Mi’kmaq tradesmen to its Halifax Shipyard as part of the contract awarded to Flynn Canada Ltd. for siding, cladding and roofing of its new shipbuilding facilities now underway. This marks an important step in collaboration with Aboriginal communities to identify needs, build skills and capacity, and match those skills to the needs of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and spin-off opportunities on other projects.
CAE recent global contract wins
CAE has won a series of global contracts valued at approximately C$110M to provide a range of training systems and services. Contracts include: T-6C ground-based training system and services for New Zealand AF; upgrading visual systems on the German AF Eurofighter simulators; provide visual system for T-50IQ full-mission simulator to Korea Aerospace Industries; and provide a KC-135 boom operator weapon systems trainer for an undisclosed international customer.
Airbus highlights cooperation with Poland
During Balt Military Expo 2014, Airbus Helicopters will unveil a new cooperation with three Polish Universities: Lodz University of Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology and Kazimierz Pułaski University of Technology and Humanities of Radom. At the Natcon Conference held during this exhibition, Jean-Brice Dumont, Airbus Helicopters’ Executive VP Engineering, will speak about Future vertical lift solutions in defense and homeland security based on the X³ experience.

Built-in-Brazil Airbus EC275 delivered
The first “built-in-Brazil” EC725 was provided to the Brazilian Navy, marking a major milestone in Airbus Helicopters’ cooperation with Brazil to supply mission-ready multi-role Army, Navy, and Air Force rotorcraft, and to develop a capable national helicopter industry. Brazil’s armed forces have received a total of 12 EC725s to date, with the previous 11 produced either in France or partially assembled at Helibras’ Itajubá facility.
DCNS Technologies Canada lead design team
Headquartered in Ottawa, DCNS Technologies Canada Inc. represents the first step towards creation of a Naval Systems Integration Center to establish a long-term strategic partnership with Canada, as announced by DCNS CEO Patrick Boissier. DCNS Technologies Canada will lead the design of the Canadian version of the FREMM frigate, a contender for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) programme. more>>
MBDA missiles at Eurosatory 2014
MBDA is showcasing the latest addition to its range of land combat missiles, the MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée), at Eurosatory 2014. France recently contracted with MBDA for the production of 2,850 missiles and 400 MMP firing posts. Initially intended for dismounted troops, MMP will replace the Milan and Javelin anti-tank missiles in service with the French Army and special forces.
CSeries engine runs restarted
Bombardier has restarted engine-ground runs on the CSeries aircraft’s flight test vehicles in Mirabel, Québec. There are currently four CSeries FTVs in the flight test program, which together have accumulated a total of about 330 flight test hours.
Canada / Australia sign industry agreement
CADSI (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries) and AIDN (Australian Industry & Defence Network) signed an agreement to promote cooperation between the two industry associations in support of mutual objectives.
Ecuador orders Airbus C295
Ecuador has ordered three C295 medium transport aircraft from Airbus Defence and Space. The contract also includes a Full In Service Support package for the operation and maintenance of the fleet. The first aircraft was delivered on 6 June at the Airbus plant in Seville, and the remaining two will be handed over later this year. The aircraft will be used for military and humanitarian missions as well as support to populations in remote areas or in emergency situations.

Fulcrum acquires Weatherhaven
Weatherhaven Global Resources Ltd (redeployable shelter systems) has finalized paperwork to be acquired by Fulcrum Capital Partners Inc. The founding shareholders will assume an advisory role while the current senior management team, led by CEO Ray Castelli, has reinvested and will continue to lead the company through this next phase of growth. While more than a dozen competitive bids were received from around the world, Weatherhaven chose Fulcrum Capital due to its Canadian heritage and proven track record of growing small and medium-sized companies.
Oshkosh supports True Patriot Love
Based on a pledge of support for the True Patriot Love Foundation to help support the well-being and morale of Canadian military personnel and their families. Retired two-star, Maj. Gen. John Urias, president of Oshkosh Defense, presented a $25,000 donation in a formal ceremony during CANSEC 2014.
Airbus and PAL join for FWSAR bid
(May) Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace (PAL) announced today they have signed an MOU to bid for Canada’s fixed-wing search and rescue project. PAL, a fully integrated international aerospace and defence company headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland, will provide in-service support and other expertise for the fleet of C295 aircraft being offered by Airbus Defence and Space to replace Canada’s aging CC-115 Buffalo and CC-130 aircraft currently being used for search and rescue duties.
BAE teams with Rheinmetall for MTV
BAE teams with Rheinmetall Canada to offer its BvS10 go-anywhere vehicle to Canada. The Marginal Terrain Vehicles program is looking to buy 17 vehicles with options for up to five additional in variants including armored personnel carrier, ambulance, logistics and command post. The RFP is expected later this year, with contract award anticipated in early 2015.

Sea Ceptor chosen by New Zealand Navy
The New Zealand Ministry of Defence signed a contract with MBDA for the provision of Sea Ceptor for the Local Area Air Defence element of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s ANZAC Frigate Systems Upgrade project.
CMC to provide FMS for C-27J
Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi has selected Esterline CMC Electronics to provide the flight management system for its worldwide C-27J Spartan fleet and for Team Spartan’s offering for the upcoming FWSAR (Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue) Replacement Program. CMC was also recently selected to supply its TacView Portable Mission Display and SureSight Enhanced Vision System sensor for Team Spartan in Canada.
Underwater Warfare Suite Upgrade teaming
General Dynamics Canada, Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, and Raytheon Canada Limited have announced a teaming agreement in pursuit of Canada’s Underwater Warfare Suite Upgrade project. The team offers proven, ready-for-delivery capabilities that would bring substantially increased ASW capability to the 12 Halifax Class Patrol Frigates. An RFP is anticipated in 2015. more>>
Airbus Helicopters donates trainer
The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is extremely pleased to receive the donation of an AS350 helicopter from Airbus Helicopters Canada. The AS350 will be used to help train the next generation of aircraft maintenance engineers at the BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond, British Columbia.
US Marines continue to innovate
The U.S. Marines have been experimenting over the past few months with ways to shape new ways to connect the GCE within an insertion mission. The approach has been to deploy the Ground Combat Element (GCE) over a tiltrotar-enabled distance and to insert the force with situational awareness, which can enhance mission success. more>>
Turkey signs for two F-35 Lightning
(May 6) Moments ago, the Turkish government committed to procuring their first two F-35As. Turkey, which joined as a consortium partner since the Concept Demonstration Phase in 1999, eventually plans to acquire 100 F-35A aircraft as declared previously.
Oshkosh unveils new mine-resistant vehicles
Oshkosh Defenseis introducing new Mine-Resistant, Ambush Protected All-Terrain Vehicle variants at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition in Amman, Jordan. The M-ATV Extended delivers increased capacity for additional troops and equipment to support a wider assortment of mission profiles, such as mounted infantry support, explosive ordnance support and command-and-control.
Boeing chooses L-3 Display Systems
Georgia-based L-3 Display Systems has been awarded a contract from The Boeing Company to provide production Multi-Purpose Displays for the AH-64 Apache helicopter. The 6.25″ x 6.25″ display is a form, fit, function display that is backward- and forward-compatible with the current MPDs used on the aircraft. The latest L-3 design minimizes life-cycle cost, enhances resolution (1024 x 1024) to increase situational awareness with better performance.
Lockheed Martin wins ANZAC frigate deal

Lockheed Martin Canada has announced the signing of a contract with the Government of New Zealand for the upgrade of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s two ANZAC Class frigates. The contract award represents Lockheed Martin Canada’s first export sale of its Combat Management System (CMS), which was designed as a modern, affordable solution for the international market. more>>
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